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How to Select the Right Drill Bit Size and Type

September 29, 2023

It’s always critical to have the right tool for the job, and drill bits are certainly no exception. With the right type of bit, and the right bit size, you’ll be able to continue making progress without costly disruptions in the process. 

At JAM Industrial Supply, we are proud to partner with Drillco to make sure our customers always have access to the best available drill bits and accessories on the market today. To help you pick out the right bit size and type, we’ve collected a few tips below. 

Consider the Target Material

The type of material you plan to drill holes in is going to be the first factor to consider while shopping for bits. You need to match the bit you use for the project to the material that is being drilled to achieve ideal results. 

For example, we have Drillco carbide-tipped drill bits in our collection, many of which are specifically designed to deal with masonry. Trying to drill in masonry with another type of bit – even if it is a quality product – wouldn’t give you the desired outcome. 

If you will be drilling in hard sheet metals instead of masonry, one of the cobalt heavy-duty drill bits we offer would be a better choice. These are affordable yet durable bits that are properly designed to drill through sheet materials like titanium and stainless effectively. 

Bit Size – Two Factors to Consider

It should go without saying that the size of the hole you need to drill is going to play the primary role in which bit you select. The hole needs to be just right for the job at hand, and it’s difficult to manipulate a drill bit to accurately drill a hole that is anything other than its prescribed diameter. 

So, think about the diameter of the hole or holes you’ll need to create when shopping. Rather than trying to purchase a single bit that happens to be the ideal size, you might want to opt for a set of bits that will give you the flexibility to go up or down in diameter to dial in the fit. For example, this Drillco 29PC Cobalt Jobber Drill Bit Set moves up in increments of just 1/64th of an inch, so you will be able to precisely pick out the right diameter for any job you encounter. 

The diameter of the bit will be your main concern, but also pay attention to the length of the bit if you need to drill a particularly deep hole. This won’t be much of a concern when cutting holes in sheet products, but thicker materials can require a long bit capable of boring out enough depth to get the job done. 

Match the Shank to the Chuck

Another variable to keep in mind when selecting a drill bit is the type of shank that comes on that bit and how it will work with the chuck in your drill. You’ll find that most of the bits available on our site from Drillco feature a straight shank, which is the most common option and the one that is going to work in most applications. However, there are some bits in our selection with other styles, including this Nitro S&D bit with a reduced shank. 

Blend General and Specialty Bits in Your Collection

As you build a drill bit collection that will serve your needs on various types of projects, keep in mind that you want to have a nice selection of general bits on hand as a starting point. These standard bits will help you handle most tasks and will come in handy over and over again for years to come. Buying quality products from a name like Drillco is the best way to be sure that your collection ages well and continues to deliver outstanding performance. 

Along with those general bits, you will likely need to order some specialty bits from time to time. You might only need those bits for one project at the moment, but store them away carefully in case that same application – or a similar job – comes up again in the future. 

With the huge selection of Drillco drill bits and related accessories available at JAM Industrial Supply, you don’t need to look any further to fill your needs and complete the job at hand. Explore our inventory today and feel free to contact us if you need assistance with your order. 

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