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Electrical safety

10 Electrical Safety Tips for the Workplace

Electrical safety in the workplace is paramount, and at JAM Industrial Supply, we’re dedicated to ensuring your workplace remains safe while offering an array of top-quality electrical products.  In this […]

Drill bits

How to Select the Right Drill Bit Size and Type

It’s always critical to have the right tool for the job, and drill bits are certainly no exception. With the right type of bit, and the right bit size, you’ll […]

Scanning package

Tape Talk: Navigating the World of Double-Coated Tapes for Packaging Excellence

As businesses strive to meet the demands of consumers, ensuring that products arrive intact and on time has become an essential aspect of customer satisfaction. Did you know the global […]


3M Abrasives: The Power of Precision and Performance

When it comes to industrial abrasives, 3M is a name that stands tall in delivering excellence. With a rich history of innovation and cutting-edge technology, 3M offers a diverse range […]

Transportation logistic network distribution growth container

The Power of Partnership: What It Means to Be a 3M Strategic Distributor

In the dynamic world of industrial supply, finding a reliable partner is crucial for businesses seeking high-quality solutions and exceptional customer service at a low cost. JAM Industrial Supply proudly […]


3M™ Products That Make a Painter/Finisher’s Job Easier

As any self-respecting painter and finisher knows, the secret to a smooth, even paint job depends as much on the worker’s skills as it does on having the right tools […]

Chemical spill team

How to Handle Spills Of Corrosive Chemicals and Hazardous Liquids

Although fairly common in laboratory and industrial settings, chemical spills can pose significant health, environmental and property damage risks if not properly handled. As a 3M Strategic Distributor, JAM Industrial […]

Spraying paint on car

How to Prevent Overspray When Painting Cars

Minimizing overspray is an important skill to develop in the paint booth. Not only does overspray make a mess and clog up your filters, but it also wastes precious paint. […]

Galvanized parts

Tips for Perfecting Your Galvanized Coating Application

Whether you’re looking for a way to add durability to metal railings or need to repair factory galvanization on your boat, DIY galvanizing is an affordable way to do it. […]

Robot epoxy adhesive dispenser

​​Choosing the Right 3M Epoxy Adhesive for Your Application

Anyone in the construction, renovation, or industrial business understands the importance of a suitable adhesive – especially one that can replace metal frame welding. But not all adhesives and sealants […]


Sanding Solutions for Various Finishing Applications

Upgrade your sanding game with some of the most popular 3M™ solutions from JAM Industrial Supply. As a 3M Strategic Distributor, we are proud to offer the best prices on […]

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