Glossary of Terms

Not sure exactly what kind of industrial supplies you’re looking for? Want to learn more about the intended use of a certain product? Explore our glossary of terms for more insight or contact us today with questions!

Abrasive Disc - A circular, flat tool used for grinding, sanding, and cutting. Abrasive discs are usually made of aluminum oxide, silicon carbide or zirconium and come in different sizes and grit levels.

Acrylic Adhesive - A type of adhesive derived from acrylic polymers. Acrylic adhesives have strong bonding capabilities, quick-setting properties and excellent resistance to environmental factors such as moisture, temperature changes and UV exposure.

Adhesive Tape - A tape consisting of an adhesive layer coated onto a backing material such as paper, plastic or fabric. Adhesive tapes are used for various purposes, including sealing, bonding and masking.

Bristle Disc - A circular tool featuring bristles made of abrasive materials attached to the surface, used for cleaning, polishing and deburring. Bristle discs are flexible and can conform to different surfaces.

Box Tape - A strong adhesive tape specifically designed for sealing and reinforcing boxes for shipping, packaging and moving. Box tapes typically have a backing material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive coating.

Buffing Pad - A soft, cushioned tool made from foam, wool or microfiber and used for polishing and finishing surfaces for a smooth, shiny appearance. Buffing pads are commonly used in conjunction with polishing compounds.

Cloth Tape - A durable, flexible adhesive tape made with cloth backing material. Cloth tapes are known for their high tensile strength and tear resistance, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Contact Adhesive - A rubber-based adhesive typically applied to the surfaces of two parts, allowed to dry, and then pressed together to form a strong, immediate, and permanent bond.

Countersink - A conical hole cut into a material to allow the head of a countersunk screw, bolt or rivet to sit flush with or below the surface of the surrounding material.

Corrosion Inhibitor - A chemical compound that decreases a material’s rate of corrosion. Corrosion inhibitors form a protective barrier on the surface of the material and/or neutralize the corrosive elements.

Dielectric Grease - A non-conductive, waterproof, and silicone-based grease used to seal and protect electrical connections from moisture, dirt and corrosion. Dielectric grease is applied to electrical terminals, connectors and spark plug boots.

Dirt Trap Protection Material - A specially engineered covering material that protects and brightens paint booth walls and floors.

Dry Film Lubricant - A type of lubricant made from graphite, molybdenum disulfide, or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) that reduces friction and wear by applying a thin, solid film to surfaces rather than liquid or grease.

Dust Control Spray - A water-based formula that attracts and traps dust and dirt commonly found in paint booths and body shops. This convenient spray minimizes the need to wash down floors, minimizing slips, corrosion and humidity.

Electrical Tape - A type of pressure-sensitive tape used to insulate electrical wires and other materials that conduct electricity. Electrical tapes protect against moisture and varying temperatures for safe and durable electrical connections.

Epoxy - An adhesive and coating compound made from a combination of resin and hardener. The epoxy undergoes a chemical reaction upon mixing, creating a robust, durable bond suitable for various applications.

Filament Tape - A pressure-sensitive tape reinforced with fiberglass filaments, providing exceptional tensile strength and durability. Filament tapes are commonly used in packaging, bundling, palletizing and reinforcing applications for heavy-duty shipments.

Flap Disc - A type of abrasive tool used predominantly for grinding, blending and finishing applications. Flap discs consist of overlapping abrasive-coated flaps arranged around a central hub for a consistent rate of material removal.

Foam Adhesive - A heat-resistant, water-dispersed adhesive that forms durable bonds with various lightweight materials. This adhesive is repositionable but provides long-lasting strength, suitable for bonding paper, cardboard, fabric, insulation, plastic, metal, wood and more.

Full-Face Respirator - A protective mask that covers the entire face and has filters or cartridges that remove harmful particles, gasses, or vapors from the air, ensuring safe breathing in hazardous environments.

Galvanize Coating - A protective layer that restores the bright look of galvanized surfaces. This coating is for repairing welds, handrails, rims, guardrails, metal chain fences, pipes or corrugated metal buildings.

Glass Tape - A type of tape made from woven fiberglass material. Glass tapes are remarkably strong and heat-resistant, commonly used in applications requiring insulation, high tensile strength and resistance to extreme temperatures.

Glazing Putty - A versatile compound that fills small pinholes, scratches, stone chips and other minor blemishes in finishes to restore smooth surfaces. This compound offers easy sanding, smooth spreading and low shrinkage.

Grinding Disc - A circular abrasive wheel for cutting, grinding and polishing materials like metal. Grinding discs come in different sizes and grades for precision and effectiveness in material removal or surface preparation.

Hot Melt Adhesive - A thermoplastic adhesive melted in a hot glue gun and applied in a molten state. Hot melt adhesives solidify upon cooling, creating a bond in seconds.

Hot Melt Applicator - A device that dispenses hot melt adhesive. These applicators — commonly known as hot glue guns — melt the adhesive stick within a heating chamber and allow controlled application through a nozzle.

Inspection Spray - Used to inspect automotive surfaces for lingering sand scratches after buffing.

Jobber Drill Bit - A versatile and widely-used drill bit for general-purpose drilling in various materials. Jobber drill bits have longer flutes than mechanics drill bits and are typically made from cobalt steel.

Marine Adhesive - A specialized adhesive formulated to withstand harsh marine environments. Marine adhesives are one-component, high-strength, moisture-curing, gap-filling polyurethane for permanent bonding of materials commonly used in boats and other marine applications.

Moly Grease - A special formulation that is used in situations where metal slides against metal under high pressure and is generally used on pinion gears and splines.

Orbital Sander - A power tool with a sanding pad that vibrates in small circles or “orbits” for sanding wood, metal and plastic surfaces to a smooth finish.

Penetrant - A type of fluid used to detect surface-breaking defects in non-porous materials. Penetrants seep into cracks and flaws on the surface, making them more visible after removing excess fluid.

Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander - A type of sander powered by compressed air, providing a dual-action sanding motion that includes both spinning in a circle and moving in small, random orbits.

Polishing Compound - A substance used to smooth and enhance the surface finish of various materials, such as metal, plastic and wood. Polishing compounds contain fine abrasives that remove minor imperfections, oxidation and scratches.

Polishing Pad - A pad used with polishing compounds to achieve a high-gloss finish on various surfaces. These pads are made from materials such as foam, wool or microfiber.

Polishing Paper - A type of abrasive paper for fine sanding and polishing surfaces to achieve a smooth, high-gloss finish. Polishing paper is typically made from aluminum oxide and comes in various grit sizes.

Reamer - A rotary cutting tool of cylindrical or conical shape used for enlarging and finishing holes to accurate dimensions that have been drilled, bored or cored. Reamers come with longitudinal flutes or grooves.

Respirator Lens Cover - A protective cover designed to shield the lens of a respirator mask from scratches, dirt, and other contaminants. Respirator lens covers maintain clear visibility and extend the life of the respirator’s lens.

Rubber & Gasket Adhesive - A type of adhesive used for bonding rubber and gasket materials to various surfaces. This adhesive withstands vibrations, chemical exposure and varying temperatures, ensuring secure and durable seals between parts.

Sanding Block - A handheld tool used to hold sandpaper securely in place for manual sanding of surfaces. Sanding blocks provide a firm and even grip for better control and distribution of pressure.

Scour Pad - A cleaning pad made from abrasive materials used for scrubbing and removing tough stains, grease, and grime from various surfaces. Scour pads come in different levels of abrasiveness.

Sealant - A substance used to seal, block, or close gaps between building materials to prevent fluids, air and pests from passing through. Sealants fill irregularities between two surfaces and cracks in surfaces.

Silicone Tape - A self-fusing, flexible tape made from silicone rubber used for insulating and sealing applications. Silicone tape adheres to itself without the need for adhesive, creating a waterproof and airtight seal.

Skull Screw - Push-to-fit corded foam earplugs that combine the rugged appearance of threaded metal with the comfort of soft foam. Skull screws ensure effective hearing protection and compliance in noisy environments.

Splicing Tape - A specialized tape that maintains the continuity of manufacturing processes by joining the end of one web of material to the start of a new web or roll.

Spray Glue - An adhesive dispensed from a pressurized container in a fine mist, providing an even and consistent application. Spray glue offers quick drying times and the convenience of covering large areas efficiently.

Stainless Steel Cleaner - Ideal for stainless steel, chrome, laminated plastics and aluminum surfaces. With a high gloss formula, it wipes clean with no streaks or buildup, resists fingerprints and masks surface blemishes.

Surface Conditioning Disc - An abrasive disc used for surface preparation and finishing tasks. Surface conditioning discs remove rust, oxidation, paint and coatings while blending and refining surfaces to an even finish.

Thermal Tape - A type of adhesive tape designed for thermal management applications. Thermal tape is used to attach heat sinks to electronic devices or components, ensuring efficient heat transfer and dissipation.

Transfer Tape - A double-sided adhesive tape designed to transfer the adhesive from the tape to a surface for a clean and strong bond. Transfer tapes are crucial applications requiring precise and consistent adhesive placement.

Welding Helmet - A protective headgear used in welding to protect the head and eyes from ultraviolet light, sparks and heat. Welding helmets have covered windows through which the welder can safely view the welding area.

Wire Connector - A device used to securely join multiple electrical wires together for proper conductivity and electrical insulation. Wire connectors come in various types, offering different methods for making reliable electrical connections.

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