3M™ Products That Make a Painter/Finisher's Job Easier

3M™ Products That Make a Painter/Finisher’s Job Easier

May 24, 2023

As any self-respecting painter and finisher knows, the secret to a smooth, even paint job depends as much on the worker’s skills as it does on having the right tools for the job. This is particularly true in the automotive industry, where an eye-catching paint job is just as important to the end user as the quality of the engine and brakes on the car. 

In this short guide, we’ll be highlighting three products that we guarantee will make your job as a painter/finisher a breeze, and will have you delivering consistent, professional-grade results, no matter what type of surface you’re working with. From surface preparation to priming and polishing, we’re committed to taking the quality of your paint jobs to the next level with 3M’s wide range of precision-engineered painting and finishing products.

3M Products to Prep for Grinding, Sanding and Polishing

When it comes to metal painting and finishing, preparation is key. Whether you’re repainting the entire body of a vehicle or simply getting rid of minor paint runs and craters, preparing the surface before the paintwork is just as important (if not more) as applying the paint itself. A poorly sanded and polished surface will result in a poorly finished paint job, every single time. 

With the 3M™ Finesse-it™ Microfinishing Film Disc Roll 268L, you’ll never again have to worry about missing any imperfections before applying paint to your work surface. Ideal for both wet and dry use, these micron-graded aluminum oxide discs are designed to help you achieve high-precision finishes on a wide range of surfaces, from hardwood to aluminum to stainless steel.

Thanks to their convenient pressure-sensitive adhesive backing, these discs can be very easily paired with an orbital sander to polish any kind of surface that requires high levels of precision.

Because aluminum oxide can cut powerfully through a wide range of metal alloys without substantially deforming a part’s geometry, these discs are ideal for use in situations where the shape of a surface must be maintained.

For polishing and finishing work on harder materials, a high-precision abrasive belt like the 3M™ Diamond Polishing Cloth Belt 652WY will provide a smooth, even finish without changing the shape of the workpiece. Designed to grind even the toughest materials, this belt is ideal for close-tolerance finishes on surfaces such as ceramics, tungsten carbide, and thermal spray coatings.

Engineered with a resin bond that gradually exposes the diamond particles encapsulated in the resin to consistently ensure a smooth finish over time, this belt is your best ally for your toughest grinding and polishing jobs.

3M Products for a Pristine Paint Job

There are few things in the life of a painter that are as satisfying as applying that last coat of paint and taking a step back to admire a job well done. As a 3M strategic distributor, it’s our job at JAM Industrial Supply to make sure that every single one of your paint jobs ends just like that, which is why we highly recommend using the 3M™ Accuspray™ Spray Gun Kit HGP to ensure a smooth, consistent spray pattern on any and all work surfaces. 

Whether you’re applying a base coat, a clear coat, or a primer, this lightweight spray gun kit is simply the best of its kind when it comes to collision repair. Ideal for applying high-viscosity coatings and specifically engineered to work as new every time the atomizing head of the spray gun is replaced, this kit is the ultimate all-in-one system for paint application.

The Sky’s the Limit with 3M

With 3M’s painting and finishing product line, the sky is truly the limit. Although this article mainly focused on the applications of these products within the automotive industry, our clients have been successfully using these products in the marine, aerospace, medical, electronics, and other industries for a diverse range of projects. 

If you have any specific questions on the use or applications of any of these products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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