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Tape Talk: Navigating the World of Double-Coated Tapes for Packaging Excellence

August 24, 2023

As businesses strive to meet the demands of consumers, ensuring that products arrive intact and on time has become an essential aspect of customer satisfaction. Did you know the global packaging market is projected to reach a staggering $1.22 trillion by 2026? This statistic reflects the significance of effective packaging solutions in the modern business ecosystem. 

This blog will explore 3M’s innovative packaging solutions. Discover how these advanced tapes hold the packaging industry together, enhance efficiency, and contribute to sustainable shipping practices.

Revolutionizing Packaging and Shipping with 3M Double-Coated Tapes

When it comes to packaging and shipping, something sticky makes a big difference. We’re talking about double-coated tapes – a revolutionary product that has changed how things get packed up securely. Unlike regular tapes with sticky on just one side, double-coated tapes have sticky on both sides. This makes them more beneficial for packaging and shipping.

  • Strong Adherence: These tapes stick things together really well, so packages stay safe on their journey.
  • Repositionable: You can change your mind and move the tape even after you’ve stuck them, which helps avoid mistakes and can help get a better stick.
  • No Bumps: These tapes are easy to place and lay neat and flat, so packages look nice and professional. Plus, the smoothness helps prevent the package from preventable damage. 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: They make packages look clean and nice when customers open them, even after they have been shipped a considerable distance.
  • Sticks to Anything: Double-coated tapes work well on all sorts of materials, so they’re great for different kinds of packaging.

Now, let’s dig into the world of 3M double-coated tapes and see how they’re changing the packaging for the better. They’re bringing new ideas, speed, and eco-friendliness to the way things are packed and shipped.

The Best 3M Double-Coated Tapes for the Job

When it comes to choosing the right tools for effective packaging and shipping, having the best double-coated tapes can make all the difference. Let’s explore two options from 3M that can securely and smartly seal your packages for the long haul.

1. 3M Trade Removable Repositionable Double Coated Tape 9425

When adaptability and versatility are key, look no further than the 3M Trade Removable Repositionable Double Coated Tape 9425. This tape is a smart choice for situations demanding easy repositioning or removal. Featuring a high-tack, permanent adhesive on one side and a medium-tack adhesive on the other, with a sturdy UPVC carrier in between, this double-coated tape offers exceptional flexibility for various applications.


  • Medium Tack Repositionable Adhesive: The liner side boasts a medium tack removable adhesive, perfect for repositioning and clean removal without leaving a residue.
  • High Tack Permanent Adhesive: The face side features a high tack permanent adhesive that can be applied even at temperatures as low as 32°F/0°C.
  • Versatile Solution: Suitable for mounting temporary displays, paper, plastics, films, or foams on different substrates or materials.
  • Stable Carrier: The UPVC film carrier offers dimensional stability up to 125°F/52°C, enhancing handling during laminating and die-cutting processes.

Best Uses: 

  • Point of purchase displays with easy clean removal labeling
  • Reclosable bags or envelopes
  • Core starting and end tabbing for papers, foils, and films
  • Removable stickers and labels
  • Removable/changeable ads
  • Mounting promotional items temporarily
  • Temporary hold for protective packaging material like foam or cardboard during the shipment of manufactured goods
  • Temporarily repositioning foam gaskets

2. 3M Scotch ATG Repositionable Double Coated Tissue Tape 928

Scotch® ATG Repositionable Double Coated Tissue Tape 928 is a versatile solution engineered by 3M to cater to specific adhesive needs. Its innovative design features a white tissue carrier on a poly-coated kraft (PKC) paper liner. 

This tape is uniquely reverse wound and boasts two distinct adhesives on its opposing sides. One side ensures a strong and permanent bond, while the other side provides a low-tack adhesive for easy repositioning or removal.


  • Dual Adhesive Functionality: This tape offers the best of both worlds with one side designed for solid, long-lasting bonds, and the other for temporary, repositionable adhesion.
  • Effective Bonding: The adhesive on the face side securely attaches to lightweight materials like paper stocks, ensuring a reliable hold.
  • Easy Repositioning: The secondary side adhesive, the exposed side, features a low-tack formulation that enables simple and damage-free removal or repositioning.
  • Optimized Application: Designed with convenience in mind, this tape is reverse wound on a unique 1-inch core, compatible with Scotch® ATG Applicators, for smooth and efficient application.
  • Minimized Discoloration: The tape’s formulation is engineered to prevent bleeding into most paper stocks, reducing the risk of discoloration or staining.

Best Uses:

  • Reclosable bags or envelopes
  • Organizing paperwork and folders
  • Attaching temporary bulletins and work instructions during production and assembly processes
  • Affixing temporary labels for easy identification
  • Providing temporary hold for protective packaging materials like foam or cardboard to ship manufactured goods.

Scotch® ATG Repositionable Double Coated Tissue Tape 928 is a must-have tool that adapts to your adhesive requirements, offering secure bonding and easy adjustments when necessary.

Level Up Your Packaging with 3M Double-Coated Tapes

3M’s double-coated tapes, like the 3M Trade Removable Repositionable Double Coated Tape 9425 and Scotch ATG Repositionable Double Coated Tissue Tape 928, have proven to be game-changers. From enhancing efficiency to ensuring secure shipments, these tapes offer a dynamic range of benefits that cater to your organization’s diverse needs. 

Experience the transformation for yourself and explore a world of unbeatable prices on industrial supplies at JAM Industrial Supply. Your packaging excellence journey begins here.

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