Drillco Series 1000EF Size 33/64 S&D Drill Bit

Series 1000EF 33/64, S&D Drill Split, Fractional, High Speed Steel, Bright & Black, 135° Point, 3 Flats, Reduced Shank More Info

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Drillco Series 1000EF Size 33/64 S&D Drill Bit is available for purchase in increments of 1



Product Description

Drillco Series 1000EF Size 33/64 S&D Drill Bit

DRILLCO-1000EF133 is a size 33/64 S&D drill bit in high speed steel with a reduced shank, 135 degree point and 3 flats.

1 bit per pack.

About Drillco Series 1000EF S&D Drills

Series 1000EF S&D drill bits have a general purpose flute design but all sizes have a 1/2″” by 2-1/4″” long shank. The maximum overall length is 6″” and the flute length is 3″”. This makes them short drills in the larger sizes and thus well suited to use in portable electric drills equipped with 1/2″” chucks. They are highly effective in tough, high tensile strength materials. The 135 degree split point reduces thrust and eliminates walking at the drill point.

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